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3k winter series


This is a 3k Road Race Challenge that is open to any member of the club. It runs from September-February. That's 5 races, one each month (no race in December). Your best 3 times count toward winning the Darren Turner Trophy and there is also an award for Most Improved time over the 5 races.

On Race nights we meet at Torbay Leisure Centre at 6:20, leave the TLC at 6:30, jog to Marine Parade, Preston for a 7pm start. Race finishes in Tanners Road, Goodrington.


The races are organised by Colin Peters.


Some dates for 2023 to 2024 have now been confirmed as:

31st Jan 2023

28th Feb 2023

Race 3 tbc

Race 4 tbc

Race 5 tbc

Current results can be viewed below


The dates for 2018 to 2019 have now been confirmed as:


25th September 2018


30th October 2018

27th November 2018


8th January 2019

12th February 2019

Race 1 - 25th September

The first race of the winter 3k series was a lovely evening with no wind making it ideals running conditions. 


Dave Hampton set an easy pace finishing in 10mins 14in first place.  Chased home by Darren Francis in 10.36 and third was Vince Langdon in 11 minutes, Colin Peters 4th in 11.18.  Marc Walpot and Mark Stockman fighting for 5th and 6th places in 11.43 & 11.48.  Rod Keen next in 12.00 just ahead of Stuart Batten 12.03, Jon Hiscoke 12.25.  Guest Runner Damon next in 12.27.  Followed by Neil Hayes in 14.14, Roger Webb 15.25, Mark Holman 16.09, Dave Cubberley 16.42, Sam Freeman 17.32 and John Barrett power walking in 22.06.


The ladies came home as follows 1st Kate Maslin in 11.59 followed by Michelle Cowley in her comeback race 12.12, 3rd was Karen Bumby 13.50, 4th Claire Cornish in a fantastic time of 14.23 followed by Michelle Coles 15.02, Sharon Pascoe 15.39, Andrea Wall 15.53, Anita Carpenter 15.55, Caitlin Moss 16.19, Sabrina Libralon 18.38, Rachel Sharples 18.45, Brenda Grant 19.45, Louise Howard 20.18 & Jacqui Frain 22.13.


Well done all.  Next 3K is on the 30th October.


Race 1 - 3rd October 2017

The club’s first race in the 5 part in-house Winter Series 3k was held on Tuesday 3rd October.

35 members competed on a perfect still evening proving good for personal bests. The race starts at Marine Parade, Preston ending at Tanners Road, Goodrington. Dave Hampton set a fast pace from the outset storming home in a PB time of 9.38 followed by the fast improving Liam Lindon in another PB of 10.20. First female home was Michelle Cowley in 3rd place in a time of 10.42 also a PB. New club runner Darren Francis 4th in 11.28 and in 5th Marc Walpot in 11.40. The following runners also competed producing good times: Ian Mcclean, Marc Jones, Stuart Batten, John Hiscoke, Vince Langdon, Rory Treharne, John Oxley, Howard Brugge, Sue Hayes, Hugh Slater, Val Mcclean, Neil Hayes, Anita Carpenter, Nick Oxley, Debbie Jeffreys, Catlin Moss, Michelle Coles, Marina Blay, Mark Holman, Heather Coverdale, Rosie Wallace, Dave Cubberley, Christine Walpot, Sadie Rogers, Sarah Harris, Brenda Grant, Ken House, John Barrett, Paris Rogers, Rosie Brown.


Race 2 - 31st October 2017


The second of five races took place on Tuesday 31st October. Dave Hampton who is in tremendous form after winning the Dartmoor Vale 10K last week was determined to break his record for the 3K, he did this by setting off at a furious pace and coming home in 9:33. The ever youthful Marc Walpot was 2nd in 11:47 closely followed by the improving Stuart Batten in 12:00, 4th was Vince Langdon in 12:26, followed by John Hiscoke, Marc Jones, Hugh Slater, John Oxley, Chris Reece, Guy Henderson, Brian Marjoram, Neil Hayes, Roger Webb, Nick Oxley, John Drennan, Dave Cubberley and finally John Barrett power walking it in 22:30.

The ladies race was won by Sue Hayes in 13:33 who came home clear of Val McClean in 14:11 with Michelle Coles 3rd another PB in 14:43, followed by Heather Coverdale, Marina Blay, Sharon Pascoe, Andrea Wall, Caitlin Moss, Rosie Wallace, Christine Walpot, Brenada Grant and Rosie Brown.


Seven runners achieved PB’s.


Race 3 - 5th December 2017


SDAC Winter 3K series leg 3 of 5. Weather dry, no wind, perfect evening once again.


Dave Hampton although suffering from a chest infection set off at a furious pace came home in a jog 9.48 just outside his PB. He was followed home by new member Gary Burman in a time of 11.26, 3rd home Vince Langdon 11.34 his best time this year. Marc Walpot followed in 11.53, Stuart Batten 12 minutes equaling his PB. Marc Jones 12.10, John Oxley 12.17PB, John Hiscoke 12.36, Howard Brugge 13.09, Hugh Slater 13.25, Nick Oxley 14.28PB, Roger Webb 14.54, John Drennan 15.21, Dave Cubberley 17.05, John Barrett 21.34PB, and Ken House sweeping up the pack.         

The ladies race was won by Val Mcclean 14.13, Claire Cornish 2nd in a PB of 14.52, Andrea Wall 3rd 15.21. Chasing her home Caitlin Moss 15.33, Marina Blay 15.52, Rosie Wallis PB 16.01, Michelle Coles 16.08, Tracy Elford 16.36, Christine Walpot in a PB of 17.56, Brenda Grant another PB 19.23, Paris Heathcote 21.24, Sadie Heathcote 21.29.


The fourth leg on the 2nd January will be a great start to next years running program. BE THERE.

Race 4 - 2nd January 2018

On a night when it was not fit to take the dog out, with rain and a force 10 gale, 21 runners and 5 marshals turned out for leg 4 of the series, a harsh start to 2018 training. Thanks to all of you.


The race started at Marine Drive in a battering wind. Dave Hampton set off at more of a sedate pace than usual (he has had man flu for 17 days) but still managed to come home in 10.25, followed by Marc Walpot in 12.24, Ian Mcclean was 3rd in 12.34. The last 500 metres of the race was into a strong headwind as well as the rain. These three were followed home by Stuart Batten 13.08, John Hiscoke 13.42, Guy Akeroyd 14.10, Rod Keen also 14.10, Hugh Slater 14.22, Roger Webb 15.58, John Drennan 16.33, Mark Holman 17.16, and John Barrett (who walked it) in 23.08.


The ladies race was won by Karen Bumby 14.26 closely followed by Sue Hayes 14.45, 3rd home Catlin Moss 15.41, Clare Cornish 15.48, Michelle Coles 16.46, Andrea Wall 17.15, Steph Bartlett 17.58, Brenda Grant 20.49 and Rosie Brown 24.27.

The final leg of the series is on 6th February.

Race 5 - 6th February 2018

Dave Hampton set off at his usual blistering pace, you would not have known he has been ill for 4 weeks. He came home on a very cold night in 9.50 chased by, the back to form, Rod Keen in 11.15. Young Guy Ackeroyd running his second 3K came in third in a respectable 11.49 ( watch your back Dave). Marc Walpot clocked 11.52 in fourth place, Stuart Batten 12.54, the return of Ryan Rudge 13.01. Neil Hayes 14.34, Chris Reece 14.48, John Drennan 15.35, Nick Oxley 15.45, Mark Holman 16.13 and power walker John Barrett 22.13.                                                             


The ladies race was won by Sue Hayes in a great time of 14.02, Michelle Cowley second in 14.31 being towed home by her beloved pet pooch. Andrea Wall third in a PB of 15.26, hot on her heels Michelle Coles 15.27, Sharon Pascoe 15.59, Marina Blay 16.05 and Sue Ennals16.08.


The next series will start in September 2018.

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