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The coaches in our club are all UKA licensed and CRB checked. As well as the coaches in the table below, there are many senior runners who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with others. The club will happily support new runners who just want to get fit and those aiming for their first race from 100m to the marathon.

Alan Sloman

Level 2 Coach: 800m to marathon

Steph Bartlett

Coach in Running Fitness

Jeremy Godard

Coach in Running Fitness

Chris Reece

Coach in Running Fitness

John Drennan

Level 2 Coach: Throws and Jumps

Mark Holman

Level 2 Coach: Middle distance and endurance

Vince Langdon

Coach: Juniors

Karen Bumby

Assisstant Coach: Juniors

Child Protection Officer

Lorraine Henderson

Level 2 Coach: Children in Athletics

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