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achiever of the month


January  -  Tayla-Grace Jones - for showing great improvements in technical ability, trying her best at all times, and applying herself with determination to the coaches guidance.

February  -  Two awards this month:

Michael Kaye - for a thrilling Grand Prix high jump competition, great attitude to training and continuously improving performance.

Rowan Alexander-Kemp - for giving 100% at training sessions, consistent improvements to his athleticism, and a great attitude to training and the coaches.

March  - Two awards this month - For competing with maximum energy and determination at the Grand Prix Sportshall Challenge and winning their age groups.

Maisie Bennett

Cohen Denham

April  - Two awards this month:

George Milton - Consistently training hard with grit and determination and  performing well at the Ken Trickey Open

Hayden King - Consistently training hard and showing grit and determination to achieve the best performance.


May  - Theo Glew - for superb improvements in both 5K and 2K Parkrun times, very impressive Age Grading percentages, and excellent times of 21:29 and 8:03 respectively.

June  - Four awards this month:

Ruaraidh Robinson - for putting 100% effort and attention into all training sessions, and great competitive spirit.

Lana Cory - for being a great competitor in training, with maximum effort and spirited performances.

Jack Luscombe - for developing his endurance running ability and putting in a very competitive effort at the Coleton Footacher trail race.

Connie Mercer - for pushing herself to the maximum during training, with an infectious spirit and determination.

July  - Two awards this month:

Oscar Mytton - for consistently training with focus and maximum effort throughout the year culminating in a stunning performance at the Pearson Cup.

Maisie Bennett - for applying herself diligently to training, with 100% effort, and great results, culminating in a stunning performance at the Pearson Cup.

August  - Three awards this month - For strong and competitive performances at all 4 of the Devon Open Track & Field Series events, competing across the range of track and field disciplines.

Evie Rowe

Hannah Carr

Lauren Carr

September - Two awards this month:

Erin Wigginton - For consistently high dedication to training, focus and respect for coaches, with strong performance improvements across all disciplines.

Jim Colbert - For noticeable improvements in endurance running and sprinting, and also displaying a strongly competitive spirit consistently during training.


October - Two awards this month:

Melissa Bonnett - For her determination and steadfastly positive attitude throughout training sessions, and competing for the Club, with visible improvements to her athletics.

Ava Sams - For her focus and consistently high dedication to training, competition achievements, and fortitude in developing her endurance running.


November - Three awards this month:

Grace McGeechan - For her determination, focus and respect for the coaches in training sessions, with clear improvements to her athletics across all disciplines.

George McDonald-Smith - For his dedication and positive attitude to training every week, pushing himself and performing to his best ability with great determination.

Kahlen Denham - For noticeable improvements in her endurance running and sprinting, displaying a strong competitive spirit, and also a positive attitude to the coaching.


January  -  Blake Bevan & Mia Taylor

February  -  James Waddell & Thomas Hart

March  -  Alex Smaller & Guy Akeroyd

April  -  Evie Chaplin & Caitlin Moss

May  -  Frances Hayes

June  -  May Battye and Grace Hart

July  -  Ben Hardwick – Best overall boy under 10 and  - Bess Hazel – Best overall girl under 11 – Pearson Cup.

August  -  Hannah Carr and Lauren Carr – for racing competitively throughout August around the country and showing the club colours.

September  -  Joe Eastman for winning the Cross Country Grand Prix mile distance and great competitive spirit and behavior in training.

October  -  Oscar Mytton for showing dedication, consistently good performance, and an excellent attitude to training and the coaches.

November  -  Eve Campbell for her focus and determination to consistently achieve her best at training sessions and Grand Prix events.

December  -  Beau Dorman - for his outstanding performance at the Club's Grand Prix 15 metre Bleep Test, achieving an excellent  level of 10.7.



January  -  Cara Shipton

February  -  Holly Langdon

March  -  Indie Pedrick

April  -  Ben Hardwick

May  -  Caitlin Moss

June  -  Francis Hayes

July  -  Evie Rowe & Harry Clayton

August  -  N/A

September  -  Robert Hayes

October  -  Robin Harris

November  -  Sam Barnaby

December  -  Luke Le Huray


January  -  Darcy Suddick

February  -  Robert Hayes

March  -  Sophie Dale

April  -  Josh Shapter

May  -  Chloe Richens 

June  -  Francis Hayes 

July  -  Matthew Langdon

August  -  N/A

September  -  Angus Graham

October  -  Hannah & Lauren Carr

November  -  Alfie Harris

December  -  Lizzie Bumby & Leah Curtis


January  -  Emily Mortimer

February  -  Isabelle Smith

March  -  Thomas Allen

April  -  Poppy Burke

May  -  Josh Shapter

June  -  Freddie Gilmore

July  -  Holly Langdon

August  -  N/A

September  -  Jack Tsigarides

October  -  Francis Hayes

November  -  George Jackson Greenway

December  -  Zoe White


January  -  Emily Philbin

February  -  Jack Adams

March  -  Matthew Langdon

April  -  Holly Langdon

May  -  Oliver Ash

June  -  Francis Hayes

July  -  Emma Moore

August  -  N/A

September  -  Jack Adams

October  -  Holly & Matthew Langdon

November  -  Hayden Fey

December  -  Phoebe De Sellingcourt


January  -  Lexi Dart          

February  -  N/A

March  -  N/A

April  -  Connor Myers

May  -  Abigail Botting

June  -  Ben Stockman

July  -  Jake Shinner

August  -  N/A

September  -  Francis Hayes

October  -  Heyden Fey

November  -  Lexi Dart

December  -  Livvy Greenway

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