Charles Stanley Westward Cross Country League 2019/20:


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Please find below extracts from the Charles Stanley Westward Cross Country League webpage (link at the bottom).

Unfortunately, the main SDAC Committee decided not to renew its affiliation to this league due to dwindling attendance from the Club. However, I sought advice from the organisers regarding ‘Guest’ status running with the following very helpful response (note that EA registration is required for U13 and above – U11s do not need this)

“Thanks for letting me know that SDAC are not going to affiliate for the new season. That is a real shame.

Of course, your athletes can enter as Guests at the cost of £3. As you say they must be EA registered.

U11s can run for 0.50p and they don’t need an EA number.

Guests can do 2 races but the Exeter fixture also includes the Devon Champs which they can enter directly. This doesn’t then count as one of the guest races.

I will add yourself to the distribution.”

Keith Reed


Provisional dates and venues

Sunday 6th October - Plymouth | Course Map & Directions -  | Under 11 Map

Sunday 10th November - Newquay

Sunday 1st December - Exeter [Devon Championships Entry]


Sunday 15th December – Westward Ho! (with G&S fixture)


Sunday 16th February – Redruth


Sunday 1st March – Stover



U11 Boys and Girls -Min age 8 on the day – Please note that this is both U10 & U11s as one category


U13 Girls Aged 11 on day of competition, or 12 on 31st August 2019


U13 Boys Aged 11 on day of competition, or 12 on 31st August 2019


U15 Girls 13 & 14 on 31st August 2019


U15 Boys 13 & 14 on 31st August 2019


Example Race timetable, Distances & Course description – Plymouth event used


12.15pm U11 Boys/Girls 1640m (a tad over 1 mile) - Single lap of course (see other map)


12.30pm U17M/U17W/SW 5340m Start Lap - 1 x Medium and 1 x Large Laps-Finish


1.10pm U13 Girls 2570m (1.6 mile) Start Lap -1 x Medium Lap-Finish


1.30pm U13 Boys 2570m (1.6 mile) Start Lap -1 x Medium Lap-Finish


1.50pm U15 Girls and Boys 3240m (2 miles) Start Lap -1 x Large Lap-Finish


Distances therefore the same /similar to our own GP X Country – though these courses are a bit hillier and muddier in winter 😊

Link to main web page -

2019 Track & Field Events

Hi All.

Below is an extract of events which SDAC juniors can compete in, notwithstanding that all athletes from U13 and older age groups must also be England Athletics registered (additional £15 cost). Under 10s & 11s do not require this.

A word document version of this page can be accessed by clicking here.


I can only attend some of these events due to other existing commitments, so please discuss with me whether and which competitions you are considering.  I don’t need to be there, but if you haven’t done this before speaking to me first for advice is advisable.


For note, these are all really relaxed events, & most require no pre-registration – just turn up (in club colours) and register on the day, and decide what you want to do on the day based on the timetable & what works out and suits.


City of Plymouth AC Spring Warm Up


Sunday 7th April 2019

Brickfields, Plymouth


No further information available as yet – I went to this last year & it was a very relaxed occasion as the season opener for Devon track & field events.



The Great West Open – Ken Trickey Memorial is an early season open event for athletes across the South West, organised by Exeter Harriers,  for the U11 age group and upwards.  This requires pre-registration.


Last year a number of SDAC juniors went to this event – SDAC track & field annual awards were awarded for some athletes.

This year it will take place on Sunday 14 April 2019 at Exeter Arena.


The competition includes;

•Photofinish Electronic Timing

•Medals for first 3 in each event

•Races seeded, decided on times.



More information and updates can be found on the KTGWO Facebook page


Devon Open Series


Very relaxed series of 4 events – I have competed at Plymouth & Tavistock so know the set up there but never gone to Braunton.


For athletes 8 years and older, who are club members, the Devon Open series is a great way to start competition experience.


Athletes aged under 10 can compete in the QUAD KIDS competition. This is a set, 4 event programme comprising: 75m, 600m, Long Jump and Vortex Throw.  For the under 11s there’s a wider choice of events which alternate (Mt 1&3 – 2&4) Field events; Long Jump, High Jump, Shot and Vortex Throw and Track events;75m, 100m, 150m, 200m & 600m.


Members, aged U13 upwards, are encouraged to compete and must be affiliated to England Athletics and have an EA number.


Athletes are required to wear club vests. Entry is on the day, £4 for juniors and £5 seniors.

Awaiting 2019 Entry Form and Timetable – for info -


Devon Open 2018 Entry Form     2018 Devon Open Timetable


Fixture dates and venues are as follows:

Sunday 28th April 2019        Plymouth PL1 4NQ

Sunday 9th June 2019          Braunton EX33 2BT

Sunday 14th July 2019          Tavistock PL19 8DD

Sunday 11th August 2019      Braunton EX33 2BT


For further information visit the Devon Open Series web page – and copied here -

AN OPEN EVENT - this is an open event so is for anyone who is 8 years old or more. However, athletes in the Under 13 and above categories must be affiliated to England Athletics and have an EA number. Otherwise, wherever you are from (for example, you may be on holiday in the area) you are very welcome to participate.

•TIMETABLE - see link above for the timetable. This timetable serves all 4 meetings but watch out for variations to some events for some age categories. Any events listed with Mt. 1, 2, 3 and or 4 against it means that it will only take place at that meeting for the age category. Most events feature at all 4 meetings.

•REGISTRATION 1 - all registrations will take place on the day - no pre-entry.

•REGISTRATION 2 - numbers will be issued from an alphabetical list for those who competed at the previous fixtures. There will be a different number used from last time so no need to bring your old number with you.

•REGISTRATION 3 - new competitors should fill in a registration slip with your details - this will help the registration team to get your details correctly. Download a slip from here and bring it along on the day >>>.

•AGE CATEGORIES - make sure you know what Age Category you are in. People can get confused with this so we have produced a guide which you should study and follow >>>.

•FACEBOOK - if you haven't already found it then check out the Facebook Page dedicated to the Series and all other Devon AA hosted track & field events.

•CONTACT - any general questions then contact Allan by email at



Exeter Open Competitions

The club runs friendly open competitions every last Tuesday of the month during the F&T season. As the events are run in the evening, with limited time, not all disciplines may be scheduled at each event, but rotated over the series.  I have in the past gone to several of these, but not for a number of years – I may be available to go up to some of these over the coming months so speak to me if interested.  I also need to check the status of EA registration for U13s and above as it may not be required for these events.


All children over 8 years old are actively encouraged to compete: it does not matter what standard they are and help will be given by the officials so they know what to do.


As a guide the evening runs as follows;

•Athletes should arrive by 5.30pm. Please check the competition timetable for the start time of a particular event. The younger age groups will finish about 7.45pm.

•An athlete can enter up to 3 events.

•Entry fee is £5. Payment is made at the reception desk, as normal, and a ticket will be issued which should be taken to the registration desk in the clubhouse where you will be given a waterproof number which should be retained and reused for all EH Open Evening Competitions during the season.

•This number should be attached to your vest with 4 pins at the front and 4 pins at the back.

•Athletes should arrive at their event 5 minutes before the start time.

•For running events, the marksman will allocate athletes to their heat.

•For field events, athletes will have the opportunity for 1 or 2 warm up throws/jumps.

•Field Trials – U13 & Below 3 Trials, U15 & Above 4 Trials

•Parents should stay for the evening to support and help their children get to their events on time.


NB U13s and above need to be affiliated to a club to compete, club vests are not required



March 26th (including 3k)

April 30th including BMC

May 28th including BMC

June 25th including BMC

July 30th including BMC

August 27th including BMC

If you have a query on the timetabled track or field events please email


Exeter Harriers Combined Events – awaiting further details

Exeter Harriers are hosting their annual Combined Events Meeting on xx(tbd) September 2019 at Exeter Arena.

Open to all age groups from U11 upwards.  Entry Charge £6 Pentathlon, £2.50 for single event


Age Group Events -

Under 11 Boys and Under 11 Girls (minimum age 8 on 23rd September 2018) Mini Hurdles, Long Jump, 60 metres, Shot (2kg), 600 metres

Girls Under 13 and Under 15 age groups  Long Jump, Hurdles, Shot, High Jump, 800 metres

Boys Under 13 Boys and Under 15 age groups Hurdles, Shot, Long Jump, High Jump, 800 metres

Women Under 17, Under 20, Senior and W35 and above Hurdles, Shot, High Jump, Long Jump, 800 metres OR 1 Day Heptathlon – Hurdles, High Jump, Shot, 200 metres, Long Jump, Javelin, 800 metres

Men Under 17, Under 20, Senior and  M35 and above Pentathlon – Long Jump, Javelin, 200 metres, Discus, 1500 metres OR Day 1 Half Decathlon – 100 m, Long Jump, Shot, High Jump, 400 metre

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