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junior Club Membership

Please contact us before turning up to a training session for the first time.

Whether you have been with the club for many years, six months, or have just joined, this is just a reminder to all about some of the expectations we ask of junior members at the club, and other relevant information relating to the junior’s section.

Our membership runs from 1st April to 31st March..  Every member, new or old, has to pay, which covers legal costs, (insurance) and helps pay for the overall running of the club, including UK Athletics coach courses.  The Membership form requires annual completion.

Note that the form includes the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliance statement relevant to the junior’s section, and the Club’s policy is to hold athlete’s data for a maximum of 3 years. We also publish athletes’ performances through the website, ie name, event, position / results.

SDAC Juniors Attendance Policy

Club membership places are now limited & there is an expectation that the allocation of a club place for your son/ daughter will be utilised appropriately, and to that end poor attendance without good reason will be submitted to the General Committee for consideration of membership termination. 
Reasons that can be taken into consideration will not be defined here, and it will be for the Committee to decide, based on information provided by the parents / carers. If no information is provided then the Committee will have no basis on which to mitigate a membership termination decision.
Poor attendance will be based over a three month period, and attendance at less than 50% of the available sessions will be taken to the Committee. 
Subsequent / continuing lack of attendance after this period (if initially mitigated) will be reconsidered without the 50% rule.

Athletes Combined Code of Conduct Behaviour and Disciplinary Policy

In prior years, a few juniors went to Cross Country, and Track and Field Events, to compete against fellow juniors from Devon and Cornwall.  I would like us to participate further in these competitions, but this does require your support.  If you wish to compete at a UK Athletics competition ie track and field, (Exeter, Tavistock, Plymouth etc), or cross country (e.g. Stover, Exeter, Plymouth etc), or the indoor winter Sportshall Competition (Dawlish and Plymouth Leisure Centres), and aged 11 or over, then a further £15 is required to pay for England Athletics registration.  Under 11’s do not need to be EA registered.  Unlike some other athletics clubs, this is entirely your choice to compete at these events, and if interested, please speak to one of the coaches.  Details can then be entered onto a secure online portal.  Once England Athletics have received your details and payment from us, they will allocate you a Unique Registration Number (URN), and Registration Card.  Please note that the SDAC 2019 Membership Form includes a section at the bottom of the form to request this.


As well as the club’s annual membership fee, termly fees also need to be paid.  This covers the venue costs, and use / purchase of equipment during sessions.  Term fees are £10 per term (three terms per year – as academic term dates), and payments are due on the first session back at the beginning of each term.  Therefore, junior fees for a full year would be £15 + 3 x £10 = £45.  Optional £15 for England Athletics.  Please make all cheques payable to :  SOUTH DEVON ATHLETIC CLUB.


We hold an intra-club Grand Prix competition during our training sessions – approx. one event per month.  Points are awarded within age groups (10 down to 1) for 1st to 10th places, and these are added together during the year (January to December), with the best six events counted to determine the winners.  Awards are then given at the annual SDAC Club awards night – usually in February/March, along with various other awards for juniors.


We also participate in the inter-clubs Pearson Cup, fought out between SDAC, Torbay, Newton Abbot, and Dartmouth athletic clubs, usually in July each year.


Options for taking part in other events outside of the club nights are possible, but only with support from volunteers.  If you are interested in assisting the coaches with training sessions or other events, please speak to one of the coaches.


We look forward to, and wish you all a good year.



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