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Festive to 5k

Five members from South Devon AC recently completed an England Athletics "Leadership in Running Fitness" course, they then decided to instigate a "Festive to 5K course" for beginners to running. On the first Thursday in January, 29 people joined up for this 6 week course and on February 18th, 14 of these gallant runners completed their first ever distance of 5k. Having been issued with race numbers and completed their warm up routine they were off around Paignton green together with some of their coaches, cheered along the way by other club members. Everyone completed this run and is now looking forward to joining the other club members on their usual Tuesday and Thursday evening classes.

Those who completed the 5k (in no particular order) were Rachel Lamble, Jess Osborne, Linda Edmonds, Avisha Ramalou, Louise Rumbalow, Jane Stead, Sara Greenway, Vashti Wickers, Nina Hardy, Nigel Scarrott, Maddison Berry, Karen Berry, Katy Twelves, Hanna Worthington. All other new runners who were not able to complete the 5K because of injury or illness will have the opportunity to do so in the future. Thank you all for making the night successful and your certificates will be given out on our awards night on 5th March at the Brixham Cricket Club. All are welcome.

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