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SDAC 3k Series - 3rd January 2017

Club members were thrown in at the deep end with this 3k also being their first Grand Prix run of 2017. Quite a few members rang in sick or with new year blues but we still had a field of 26.

Results as follows: 1st Dave Hampton, taking it easy due to sickness came home in 9.52, 2nd Liam Lindon in 10.59, 3rd Kevin Ashworth in 11.50, 4th Marc Jones in 12.05, Ryan Rudge 12.50, Steve Waddington 14.50, John Drennan 14.52, Mark Holman 15.30, Dave Cubberley 18.06, Ken House 21.37 ( at the tender age of 85 ), Walker John Barrett 23.42 and two guest runners Shane Carpenter 18.21 and Richard Coverdale, 18.49.

The ladies race was won by Michelle Cowley in 11.14 (3rd overall) 2nd Kerry Bell 13.17, 3rd Jodie Lee13.40, 4th Sue Hayes 13.59, 5th Krissy Taylor 14.12. Followed by Val Mcclean 14.36, Anita Carpenter 14.57, Heather Coverdale 15.46, Erica Warwick 16.11, Heather Maddock 16.19, Marina Blay 16.20, Sadie Heathcote 19.36, Rosie Brown 22.47.

The last round will be on 7th February 2017.

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