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Torbay Velopark parkrun - 7th January 2017

At the second Torbay Velopark parkrun South Devon AC were again out in force. New runner Liam Linden stormed home to cross the line in second place and in 19.35 a p.b., 20-Vince Langdon 21.43p.b., 71-Karen Bumby 25.10, 80-Guy Henderson 25.25, 111-John Drennan 27.32, 119-Heather Maddock 27.56, 123-David Cubberley 28.25, 188-Sam Shepherd 32.12p.b., 195-Steve Shepherd 32.48p.b., 224-Sadie Heathcote 34.35, 225-Laura White 34.38, 227-Brenda Grant 34.48, 244-Steph Bartlett 36.17.

#parkrun #5k

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