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Westward Cross Country League

The Westward Cross Country League is at Stover on Sunday 12th February.

This is the closest it gets to us in Torbay & would be an ideal opportunity to try out your endurance running against other same aged athletes from Devon and Cornwall.

Distances vary according to age but as a basic guide guide

  • U13 boys = 4km (2.5mile)

  • U13 girls = 3.2km (2 mile)

  • U11 boys & girls = 2.4km (1.5mile)

I will be going up to run and also assist as needed.

Parents will need to make their own travel arrangements.

Race times vary & I will provide more detail when I get it.

SDAC have not competed at these events for a while, though they used to, & were quite competitive, and I would like to get things moving again towards that.

Please contact me through the Contact page or directly at training if you are interested. ​


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