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The Grizzly - 12th March 2017

The Grizzly 2017, Pearl's a Stinger, 30th Anniversary run with its legendary bogs, beach and Stairway to Heaven did not disappoint the 11 South Devon A.C. athletes who met the challenges head on. In the slippy, slidy, extremely muddy Grizzly, South Devon A C achieved some fine results. Bridget Williams who was awarded most improved runner at this years awards' night proved her right to the award by coming first home for the club in 925th place and 4.13.20, 957-Jodie Lee 4.16.34, 961-Karen Bumby 4.16.36, 1006-Marina Blay 4.19.42, 1050-Chris Shuttleworth 4.25.04, 1145-Sharon Pascoe 4.33.28, 1210-Roger Webb 4.41.08, 1396-Heather Coverdale 5.03.38, 1412-John Drennan 5.05.59, 1445-Fiona Stephens 5.12.10, 1446-Tracy Elford 5.12.10.

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