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Torbay Velopark parkrun - 18th March 2017

There were P.B.'s galore at last Saturday's Velopark parkrun, Liam Lindon still pushing his 5k times came in 3rd with another new p.b. of 18.41, 13-Steve Hookins 20.49 p.b., 21 Chris King 22.07, 34-Kerry Bell 23.11 p.b., 45-Sue Hayes 24.20, 53-Guy Henderson 25.00, 67-Francis Hayes (junior) 25.44 p.b., 75-Nick Oxley 26.05 p.b., 95-Heather Maddock 27.14 p.b., 100-John Drennan 27.39, 108-David Cubberley 28.09, 127-Lauren Carr (junior) 29.29 p.b., 141-Rachel Campbell 31.10 p.b., 163-Brenda Grant 34.08, 185-Marc Jones 39.40 (running with daughter Olivia).

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