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SDAC Beaches Run - 20th April 2017

The beaches 3¾ mile run was South devon AC's 4th Grand Prix event. The in-house race went off at 7pm, most runners had reached the Inn on the Quay before Dave Hampton started one minute behind them (due to finishing work late). By the time the other runners had got halfway up cliff walk Dave had powered his way past half of the field. The race continued to Paignton harbour along Paignton beach to Preston and by the halfway mark Dave was in the lead where he stayed, winning in a new PB time of 20mins 30 seconds (previous best 21.42). His training partner, Liam Lindon, followed him home with a brilliant effort in 22.47, 3rd home the ever youthful Marc Walpot in 24.09 PB. 4th Kevin Ashworth 24.33 PB, 5th Marc Jones 25.12, 6th Vince Langdon 25.49PB. 7th Steve Hookins 27.51 with a sprint finish having completed a 50 mile race last weekend with just an 18 miler to complete this weekend. The remaining times were Rod Keen 27.51, Chris Reece 29.16, young Francis Hayes (under 15) 30.01PB, Guy Henderson 30.31, Roger Webb 32.11, Mark Holman 33.17PB, John Drennan 33.52, Steve Waddington 34.25, Dave Cubberley 36.41. The ladies race was won quite comfortably by Karen Bumby in 28.36, 2nd Sue Hayes 30.14PB Sue was out sprinted by her son Francis in the last 200 yards. 3rd home in a great time was Kris Taylor 31.22 closely followed by Lorraine Henderson 31.28, Anita Carpenter was 5th in 31.41 followed home by Marina Blay 31.54PB, Sarah Harris 32.13, Erica Warwick 32.14PB, Sharon Pascoe 32.33, Liz Lee 32.49PB, Heather Coverdale 34.07, Steph Bartlett 34.35PB, Fiona Stephens 35.43, Melanie Searle 37.24, Christine Walpot 37.46 and Tracy Elford also 37.46.

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