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Ivybridge 10K - 6th May 2017

There was an excellent turnout and some splendid results for South Devon AC at the Ivybridge 10k. It was the clubs' 5th Grand Prix event and in all 23 members, including one junior member, ran the fast course last Saturday evening. David Hampton won the prize for second place in a blistering time of 34.53, Kevin Ashworth was 2nd MV45, 54th in 41.13 and Michelle Cowley, Gemma Body and Kerry Bell received the prize for 2nd women's team. Results:- 2nd David Hampton 34.53, 52-Michelle Cowley 41.08, 54-Kevin Ashworth 41.13, 57-Marc Walpot 41.26, 88-Jeremy Goddard 43.20, 89-Gemma Body 43.21, 93-Steve Hookins 43.47, 121-Vince Langdon 44.55, 198-Kerry Bell 48.14, 213-Steve Monaghan 49.00, 214-Sue Hayes 49.04, 241-Karen Bumby 50.11, 264-Chris Reece 51.07, 306-Anita Carpenter 52.27, 343-Bridget Williams 53.40, 385-Marina Blay 54.54, 404-Roger Webb 55.40, 449-John Drennan 57.01, 499-Heather Maddock 58.32, 558-David Cubberley 1.01.16, 575-Steve Waddington 1.01.55, 595-Caitlin Moss (junior) 1.03.07, 605-Steve Maddock 1.03.38.

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