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The Jurassic Quarter - 20th May 2017

On the 20th May Vince Langdon ran the Endurance Life Ultra Marathon 'The Jurassic Quarter', 157 walkers and runners started at 10pm and 2am respectively from Portland Bill light house. Runners had 20 hrs to complete the 46 miles and walkers 24hrs. Only 95 finished in the time allowed including 7 relay teams. Langdon was going well up to half way (Lyme Regis) with only approx 10 runners ahead of him but unfortunately he stepped badly on the rocks crossing Charmouth beach and hurt the tendon behind his left knee. Subsequently after stopping shortly to refuel at the midway checkpoint he found he couldn't extend his leg to run without pain and fear of injury. Langdon walked most of the 2nd half with runners overtaking him but finished in approx 16hrs 50mins.

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