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Coleton Foot Acher - 17th June 2017

On a beautiful sunny evening, Saturday 17th June, South Devon AC held their second Coleton Footacher race which starts and finishes at the National Trust property Coleton Fishacre. South Devon AC's Dave Hampton conquered the hills and searing heat to come first, Annabelle Evans from Newton Abbot AC was the first lady home.

Results:-1-David Hampton (SDAC) 46.16, 2-Andrew Salt (Croft Ambrey Running Club) 46.39, 3-Matthew Muscott 46.47, 4-Tim Pratt (Teignbridge Trotters) 48.08, 5-Philip Leybourne (Salford) 48.34, 6-Garry Smart (Teignbridge Trotters) 51.42, 7-Jerry Hocking (Torbay AC) 51.12, 8-Andrew Marshall (Plymouth Harriers) 57.19, 9-Neil Downer 57.38, 10-Ian Thomas (Dartmouth AC) 57.46, 11-Andrew Johnson 58.18, 12-Richard Bishop (Exmouth Harriers) 59.15, 13-Annabelle Evans (Newton Abbot AC) 59.34, 14-Ian McClean 59.48, 15-Phil Heaton 1.01.00, 16-Simon Perrett (SWRR) 1.02.34, 17-Craig Churchill (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.02.45, 18-Kevin Lofts (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.03.14, 19-Simon Ridley (Brixham Harriers) 1.03.22, 20-Debbie Kirkman (Northern Masters AC) 1.03.28, 21-Paul Sharples (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.03.31, 22-Leigh Pursey 1.03.48, 23-Kit Reynolds (Exeter Tri) 1.04.38, 24-Kristie Gurley (Sale) 1.04.38, 25-Pete Hayward (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.04.50, 26-Sarah Harrison (Torbay AC) 1.05.04, 27-Derek Skinner (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.05.08, 28-Simon Johnson 1.05.11, 29-Ben Epps (Haldon Trail Runners) 1.05.16, 30-Tom Wright 1.05.20, 31-Ian Mills (Ashburton H3) 1.06.04, 32-Fleur Ricklin (Torbay AC) 1.06.33, 33-Ian Hayward (Torbay AC) 1.06.33, 34-Rob Vickers (SW Military Fitness) 1.06.42, 35-Adam Taylor 1.06.50, 36-Brian Lewis (Torbay AC) 1.06.52, 37-Simon Oliver (Ilfracombe RC) 1.07.02, 38-Guy Shepherd 1.07.30, 39-Tim Durbin 1.08.24, 40-Adam Hill (Torbay AC) 1.08.24, 41-Mark Johnson (Exmouth Harriers) 1.08.51, 42-Andy MacMillan (SWRR) 1.09.08, 43-Liz Bowden (Erme Valley Harriers) 1.09.43, 44-Alistair Bristow (Erme Valley Harriers) 1.09.43, 45-Simon Loten 1.10.24, 46-Amy Roberts (Torbay AC) 1.10.49, 47-Craig Scollick 1.10.53, 48-Steve Wilbraham (Torbay AC) 1.11.02, 49-Kathryn Steemson (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.11.34, 50-Stephen Collier (SWRR) 1.11.45, 51-Dan Vayle (SW Military Fitness) 1.12.21, 52-Louise Reynolds (SWRR), 53-Charly Crump (Vegan Runners) 1.13.03, 54-Sara Jane Crozier (Torbay AC) 1.13.06, 55-Stephanie Townsend (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.13.23, 56-Nicola Oliver (Woolacobe SLSC) 1.13.46, 57-Jennifer West 1.14.11, 58-Lynda Garcia (SWRR) 1.14.28, 59-Steve Carr 1.15.05, 60-Laura Price (Dursley Running Club) 1.15.12, 61-Andrew Webb 1.15.35, 62-Ruth Johnson (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.15.41, 63-Darryl Corran 1.15.58, 64-Lauren Smart (Newton Abbot AC) 1.16.25, 65-Mark Luscombe (Torbay AC) 1.17.07, 66-Victor Williscroft (Brixham Harriers) 1.17.44, 67-Lucy Evans (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.18.42, 68-Tracey Jolly (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.18.42, 69-Kim Nichols (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.18.59, 70-Leigh Boxall 1.20.32, 71-Scott Stephens (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.21.25, 72-Robert Prowse 1.21.48, 73-Estelle Skinner 1.22.27, 74-Jennifer Watts 1.23.26, 75-Marcia Macey (Bere Alston Trekkers) 1.23.43, 76-Nikki Shaw (Brixham Harriers) 1.24.05, 77-Tanya Alexander 1.24.28, 78-Sue Howe (Ali'Army) 1.27.00, 79-Leah Gawlik 1.27.19, 80-Michelle Sandhu (Torbay AC) 1.28.32, 81-Eleanor Taylor (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.29.21, 82-Steve Heywood (Bideford AAC) 1.31.53, 83-Kim Mahew (SW Military Fitness) 1.33.11, 84-Emma Hunt 1.33.12, 85-David Vigg 1.34.12, 86-Felicity King (Fit2Run) 1.34.54, 87-Faye Hussey (Fit2Run) 1.34.54, 88-Alison McDowel 1.38.17, 89-Julie White 1.38.22, 90-Julie Webb (Teignbridge Trotters) 1.41.15, 91-James McCracken 1.43.33, 92-Selina Dare 1.47.41, 93-Jess Churchill 1.47.41, 94-Jenny McCracken 1.47.47.

Click here for downloadable results.

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