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Totnes 10k - 6th August 2017

There was another good turnout from South Devon AC at the Totnes 10k on Sunday 6th August, this being their eighth Grand Prix race, again there were many prizes for SDAC runners. Dave Hampton scooped the 3rd male and 1st senior male prizes, Michelle Cowley 2nd senior female and second female overall, Colin Peters was 2nd male O 50, and Keith Belt was the O70 male winner.

The 2nd mens team was David Hampton, Colin Peters and Liam Lindon, and the 3rd ladies team was Michelle Cowley, Sue Hayes and Anita Carpenter.

Results:- 3rd-David Hampton 37.31, 21-Colin Peters 42.39, 30-Michelle Cowley 43.50, 31-Liam Lindon 44.00, 53-Rod Keen 46.18, 55-Marc Walpot 46.26, 65-Steve Hookins 47.54, 76-Stuart Batten 49.21, 79-Vince Langdon 49.53, 102-Mark Dunnett 51.39, 112-Keith Belt 52.21, 148-Sue Hayes 54.50, 153-Chris Reece 55.10, 173-Brian Marjoram 57.05, 215-Anita Carpenter 59.41, 226-Roger Webb 1.00.09, 262-Claire Cornish 1.02.00, 273-John Drennan 1.02.30, 280-Andrea Wall 1.03.21, 292-Heather Coverdale 1.03.52, 304-Sarah Harris 1.04.39, 315-Michelle Coles 1.05.28, 323-Steph Bartlett 1.06.09, 331-David Cubberley 1.06.59, 357-Bridget Williams 1.08.34, 358-Tracy Elford 1.08.41.

In the Totnes Fun run Hannah and Lauren Carr were 1st and 2nd girls.

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