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Torbay Velopark parkrun - 26th August 2017

There were 6 p.b.'s for SDAC runners at the Torbay Velopark parkrun on Saturday 26th August. David Hampton came over the line 1st in a new p.b. of 16.12, 49-Stuart Batten 22.17, 53-Hugh Slater 22.41, 59-Sue Hayes 23.13p.b., 103- Michelle Coles 26.05p.b., 104-Andrea Wall 26.06p.b., 113-Hannah Carr (junior) 26.24p.b., 130-Francis Hayes (junior) 27.20, 140-Marina Blay 27.53, 156-Stephen Shepherd 28.28p.b., 185-Guy Henderson 29.45, 196-Fiona Stephens 30.28, 229-Sam Shepherd (junior) 32.24, 240-Brenda Grant 33.37.

#parkrun #5k

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