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Torbay Velopark parkrun - 2nd September 2017

There was another first place for David Hampton of 16.12 at the velopark on Saturday 2nd of September. 3-Liam Lindon 17.45p.b., 24-Keith Belt 22.26, 34-Kerry Bell 23.10, 47-Neil Hayes 24.09p.b., 55-James Waddell (junior) 25.01, 60-Michelle Coles 25.09p.b., 61-Stuart Batten 25.10, 71-John Drennan 25.52p.b., 90-David Cubberley 26.57, 99-Caitlin Moss (junior) 27.27, 135-Steph Bartlett 29.10p.b., 136-Claire Cornish 29.10p.b., 176-Brenda Grant 33.35, 210-John Barrett 37.29, 215-Ken House 38.19 and sweeper 247-Hugh Slater 57.39.

#parkrun #5k

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