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Tavy 7 - 22nd October 2017

There was a bumper turnout of South Devon AC runners for their 10th Grand Prix event at the Tavy 7 and the club managed to scoop 5 prizes overall. Michelle Cowley was first female home in a great time of 45.43 and 21st place. 60-Jeremy Goddard (fresh from his Atacama Desert Crossing) 50.14, 81-Steve Hookins 51.27, 82-Stuart Batten 51.28, 121-Vince Langdon 53.51, 138-Keith Belt 54.46 (1st O70 male), 155-Sue Hayes 55.44 (2nd F45), 165-Kerry Bell 56.10 (1st F55), 177-Emma Magee 57.23, 216-Craig Wood 1.00.00, 229-Karen Bumby 1.00.29, 239-Michelle Coles 1.00.41, 266-Heather Coverdale 1.03.00, 277-Val McClean 1.03.56, 285-Anita Carpenter 1.04.22, 289-Heather Maddock 1.04.34 (2nd F60), 291-Andrea Wall 1.04.37, 295-Roger Webb 1.04.54, 355-Steve Maddock 1.09.03, 367-Tracy Elford 1.10.03, 428-John Drennan 1.15.45, 432-David Cubberley 1.16.15, 443-Steve Waddington 1.17.57, 474-Brenda Grant 1.20.08.

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