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Stoke Gabriel Carnival Race - 30th July 2017

This was SDAC's 7th Grand Prix event and there was an excellent turnout from SDAC at the Stoke Gabriel Carnival Race; 30 of our runners enjoyed the off road, scenic run which is organised by Jamie Bullock. The route was hilly and muddy and described as a fun event and there were bacon butties and cider at the finish. Unfortunately the first 14 runners went the wrong way and ended up devising their own, shorter route! Three SDAC runners were on The Naughty Boys' List: David Hampton, Colin Peters and Liam Lindon.

Michelle Cowley was second home following the correct route, 1st lady, and with a great time of 53.58, not far behind was Jeremy Goddard 6th in 58.00, 8-Rod Keen 58.42, 11-Marc Jones 59.24, 12-Steve Hookins 59.52, 15-Vince Langdon 1.01.10, 40-Kerry Bell 1.07.48, 52-Sue Hayes 1.09.52, 55-Emma Magee 1.10.45, 57-Chris Reece 1.11.00, 61-Hayley Searle 1.11.52, 70-Neil Hayes (in his first race) 1.13.11, 72-John Drennan 1.13.29, 82-Liz Lee 1.16.09, 84-Roger Webb 1.16.35, 90-Mark Stockman 1.18.45, 101 Sue Ennals 1.20.26, 103-Anita Carpenter 1.21.03, 108-Val McClean 1.22.03, 124-David Cubberley 1.25.37, 126-Steph Bartlett 1.28.30, 127-Tracy Elford 1.29.19, 143-Stuart Reece 1.41,20, 159-Shane Carpenter 2.00.33, 160-Rosie Brown 2.00.33, 163-Sadie Heathcote 2.05.45, 164-Laura White 2.05.45.

Hannah Carr was 1st girl and 5th overall in the fun run and sister Lauren was 4th girl.

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