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Club Run - English Athletics - Details for 3rd Session - 4th Oct

Thank you to everyone who supported the 2nd session with Graeme Riley. 48 members took part (52 in the 1st session).
The next session is on Thursday 4th October.
SDAC has been successful in securing a place on the England Athletics' Club Run programme, an initiative specifically aimed at supporting road running clubs.
This is a great opportunity for our club as Club Run offers a free series of practical coaching sessions led by coaches linked to the England Athletics coach development programmes with experience in off track running. The Club Run sessions aim to support clubs and their runners to achieve more through their love of running.
The Club Run visits are free to affiliated clubs and are pitched at the competing club runner and so are not appropriate for beginner groups. The sessions aim to support leaders, coaches and runners in working towards a specific off-track race or improving performance at an event distance which we selected the 10k distance as part of our application.
Thu 23rd Aug Thu 13th Sep Thu 4th Oct
What to Expect Keeping the evenings practical based and based on a session - we will spend 30 mins introducing a topic and warming up - 45 mins or so doing the session and 15 mins cooling down and stretching plus questions. Sessions will include: Running drills and dynamic warm up Stretching and cool down Types of session for 10k runners - their effects and why they are valuable Planning and progression of training Each would be delivered a bit on the run and as part of the overall session.
Our allocated coach, Graeme Riley is a Level 2 Performance Coach and English Athletic Tutor. His 20 years experience includes:
• Lead coach for diverse group of athletes ranging in ages from 18 to 60, in events from 800m to the marathon. • Key Achievements:
Coached Mike Wilsmore to BUCS 1500m title in 2012 & England selection.
Coached Tony Dunn to England selection for 10k at Vet 50 in 2016. • Part of the Local and National Coach Development programme from May 13 to Mar 17 • Royal Navy Cross-Country Team Coach From Feb 14 to current • Delivered several Flying Coach visits, Run Together workshop and Club Runs
Warwickshire based club Spa Striders are one of a number of clubs who have recently completed the Club Run programme. The club which is based in Leamington Spa with a membership of around 200 welcomed the visits by Gloucestershire-based coach, Kerry Newell. In excess of 80 of the club’s runners accessed the Club Run sessions, with an average turn out of over 40 runners per session.
The sessions were aimed at helping prepare runners for the 5 miles and 10k distances, with a number of the club’s runners going on to set personal bests at a 10k race in February. "Many felt like they could judge the pace better thanks to the tempo sessions Kerry had introduced us to." said Chairman, Matt Leydon.
Matt who is also working towards completing his CiRF coaching qualification went on to add: "I found it really useful to watch Kerry at work and learn from her. Other leaders have started to think about how we can adapt our sessions to be more time-based rather than mileage-based."
Another runner added, "I liked the structure of the Club Run programme, each session was progressive and built on what we had learnt from the previous session. The warm ups were great - we don’t do enough of them and this made it fun and everyone was able to take part and show how bad they are at hopscotch!"
Kerry also took time at the end of each session to discuss a range of topics from nutrition, injury prevention and targeting specific races, which club members found really useful.

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