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Torbay Regatta Road Relays - 25th August 2018

Torbay Regatta Road relays were held at Torbay Velopark, 3k around the Velopark making for some very fast times.

Dopey came 4th with Liam Lindon, Gary Burman, Colin Peters and Dave Hampton.

4th South Devon AC "Dopey"

Liam Lindon 10.07

Gary Burman 10.44

Colin Peters 10.42

Dave Hampton 9.16

TOTAL 40.49

Happy came 12th with Ryan Rudge, Phil Cowley, Chris Reece, Marc Jones.

12th South Devon AC "Happy"

Ryan Rudge 11.35

Phil Cowley 13.44

Chris Reece 12.18

Mark Jones 12.11

TOTAL 49.48

Bashful ladies team came 8th with Kate Maslin, Karen Bumby, Michelle Cowley, Sue Hayes

8th South Devon "Bashful"

Kate Maslin 11.25

Karen Bumby 13.18

Michelle Cowley 12.36

Sue Hayes 14.15

TOTAL 51.34

Scratch Teams:

3rd South Devon AC "Sleepy"

Vince Langdon 11.02

Neil Hayes 11.51

Marc Walpot 13.14

Vince Langdon 11.11

TOTAL 48.18

7th South Devon AC "Grumpy"

Nick Oxley 14.52

Brian Marjoram 13.07

Keith Belt 13.08

Neil Hayes 14.19

TOTAL 55.26

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