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Club Mile and Winter 3k - 25/27 September

A busy week for South Devon AC Runners

On 25th September our 3K and on 27th September the in house 1 mile race.

The first race of the winter 3k series was a lovely evening with no wind making it ideals running conditions. Dave Hampton set an easy pace finishing in 10mins 14in first place. Chased home by Darren Francis in 10.36 and third was Vince Langdon in 11 minutes, Colin Peters 4th in 11.18. Marc Walpot and Mark Stockman fighting for 5th and 6th places in 11.43 & 11.48. Rod Keen next in 12.00 just ahead of Stuart Batten 12.03, Jon Hiscoke 12.25. Guest Runner Damon next in 12.27. Followed by Neil Hayes in 14.14, Roger Webb 15.25, Mark Holman 16.09, Dave Cubberley 16.42, Sam Freeman 17.32 and John Barrett power walking in 22.06.

The ladies came home as follows 1st Kate Maslin in 11.59 followed by Michelle Cowley in her comeback race 12.12, 3rd was Karen Bumby 13.50, 4th Claire Cornish in a fantastic time of 14.23 followed by Michelle Coles 15.02, Sharon Pascoe 15.39, Andrea Wall 15.53, Anita Carpenter 15.55, Caitlin Moss 16.19, Sabrina Libralon 18.38, Rachel Sharples 18.45, Brenda Grant 19.45, Louise Howard 20.18 & Jacqui Frain 22.13.

Well done all. Next 3K is on the 30th October.

The Mile race on 27th September. Once again a perfect evening for racing.

Race one, Dave Hampton set off at tremendous pace trying to get near to the club record. He finished in a time of 4.41 PB moving into fourth position in the club records only missing out on top position by 6 seconds and second place by 2 seconds. I will have to try harder next year was Dave’s comment. Second man home Gary Burman in a fantastic 5.16 chased home by Alex McGee in 5.18. Vince Langdon 5.21, Marc Walpot 5.38 PB, Mark Stockman 5.53 PB, Stuart Batten 5.56, Jon Hiscoke 6.02. Guest runner Dustin May 5.31.

Race two, Michelle Cowley led all the way finishing in 5.51 getting back to fitness having recently had a baby. 2nd Emma Magee 6.15 PB, Third Keith Belt 6.21, followed by Karen Bumby 6.39 PB, Kerry Bell 6.41 PB, Guy Henderson 6.57, Michelle Coles 7.02 PB, Sue Hayes 7.04, Andrea Wall 7.52.

Race three, Roger Webb led from pillar to post in an excellent 7.46, 2nd Dave Cubberley 8.04, 3rd Christine Walpot 9.07 PB, Rachel Sharples 9.12, Alison Ford 9.50, Louise Howard 9.53, Brenda Grant 10.02, Jacqui Frain 10.44, Gareth Bevan 13.15 PB. The whole group ran the last lap with Gareth. It was great to see.

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