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Club Run - English Athletics - Aug to Oct 2018

South Devon Athletic Club were successful in their application to English Athletics for the Club Run Programme which aims to support competitive club runners as well as club leaders and coaches.

Level 2 Performance Coach Graeme Riley conducted 3 sessions between August and October each starting with a discussion of the session objectives and the benefits to be achieved. A thorough warm up followed including drills, dynamic stretches and strides.

Session 1 focused on the importance of warming up and drills as well as cool down and stretching. Session 2 took the group into training zones, running paces and sessions. The final session focused on progression and planning.

The full programme was aimed at improving 10k race times with Graeme providing tailored handouts for each session.

The Club Run sessions were very well attended by club members with an average of 50 per session. Feedback was abundant following Graeme’s sessions “it was fun and informative, and I intend to put into practise what I learned - in particular the drills as I can see that they can potentially make a lot of difference”. Graeme commented “they are a great group - it was really enjoyable taking the sessions”.

The Club Run has exceeded our expectations and has provided the club with many ideas for coaches, run leaders and members going forward.

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