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Grand to Grand Ultra - October 2018

Grand to Grand Ultra is a 6 stage self supported foot race starting at the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and finishing at the Grand Staircase in Utah, USA. A total of 172 miles with distances from 26 to 54 miles.

Jeremy Goddard of South Devon Athletic Club put in an amazing performance to fight his way up the field throughout the race finishing in the top 20 among many sponsored athletes.

The long day (54 miles) was particularly gruelling with lots of steep climbs and at 40 miles in a series of 24 sand dunes to conquer, so steep that Jeremy literally had to crawl over the top of them, he finished the day in the dunes in the moonlight of the dessert.

Jerermy rates this as one of his greatest races he has competed in and was emotional crossing the line a moment he had visualized for months leading up to the event.

#Multiterrain #Ultra

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