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Original Mountain Marathon - 27/28 October 2018

Husband and wife team Tim and Karen Bumby completed the 51st Original Mountain marathon in Wales, braving snow ,vertical slopes and a sub zero night under canvas!

The fundamentals of the event are self reliance, route selection, moving quickly over difficult terrain, kit management, endurance, teamwork & sound mountain judgement.

On the start line you & your partner will receive a map of your chosen course. You must then a plan a route to visit the marked checkpoints spread across the 400Km2 course area and finish at the overnight wild camp on day 1. You are expected to use your understanding of the terrain & conditions you’re heading into and make appropriate kit decisions and route choices accordingly. This includes the unsupported overnight wild camp.

Day 2 you receive a new map and choose a second route back to the event centre. The teams who visit the most checkpoints in the quickest time are the winners.

#Marathon #Multiterrain

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