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Chairman's Charity 2019 - Torbay Lifesaving Club

Torbay Lifesaving Club has been selected as the Chairman's Charity for 2019. See below for more details about this charity.

Torbay and District lifesaving club is a local branch of the National Royal Life Saving Society. Our patron is The Queen and like the RNLI we are totally charity funded.

We are primarily known as the drowning prevention society and our aim is to protect and preserve life by education and training. Founded by Ken Dennis and Paul Searle alongside Paignton swimming club 45 years ago we have over hundred members age 7 to 82.

We teach survival swimming skills, personal survival and rescue skills in addition to first aid and ocean/ open water awareness as we believe strongly that lives can be saved with a few basic first aid actions. Many of our seniors undertake lifeguarding jobs having learnt the skills through the Rookie programme and Survive and Save awards which we teach.

In 2016 17% of deaths by drowning were from walkers and runners who unexpectedly encountered water.

Our club along with Devon branch is very happy to pass on knowledge and help anyone to have the confidence to undertake some life preserving action until professional help arrives.

Please just ask if any of your club members would like to have a short practical reminder of assessing casualties, placing a conscious casualty into recovery position and resuscitation action.

We meet every Sunday at Clennon Pool and on Goodrington beach by the flumes on summer evenings. Additional sessions are held at Brixham pool on an ad hoc basis.

We welcome adults to join us in the pool on a Sunday second session and if you would like to see a training session do pop down. We start at 7.30.

We have had a lot of success at National competition too over many years gaining medals.

We are also proud that we have for over 40 years had a twinning exchange with Hamelin DLRG.

We do need some more young teenagers who can swim and would enjoy the fun competitions we enter. Much more interesting than just swimming as we use rescue aids,boards and have had considerable success at National level. Thank you for your kind donation towards the AED trainers which we now have working:!!!

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