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SDAC Newsletter - March 2019

Hi All Juniors & Parents.

Some new stuff and a reminder of some things mentioned in the last email but with more details.

1) The next (2nd) Grand Prix event is 25th March - Multi-Sportshall competition.

2) Term dates - The last training Monday before Easter is 1st April. No training then for the following THREE WEEKS - 8th, 15th & 22nd April as Easter Monday falls on that 3rd week & school is shut. We are then back for the start of the Summer term on 29th April - times & groups then change to one long outdoor session - 6 to 7.45pm for all.

3) From 1st April the annual membership is due. The 2019 Membership form is online and I have hard copies to hand out now. Existing members are assumed to be returning as long as the next year payment and form are returned by end of April. After that I open up membership to anyone on the waiting list and you may lose your place. Because of the Easter dates referred to above there are only two Monday's in April to provide this so you're welcome to renew your new year membership from this Monday.

4) Please read the 'Athletes Combined Code of Conduct Behaviour and Disciplinary Policy', which is on the Juniors website Membership page and ensure your child understands their responsibilities, unacceptable behaviour, and boundaries -

5) Track & Field event details for 2019 that you can participate at are now available on the website. Please speak to me if you are interested. Some of these dates I can't make as they clash with existing commitments/ holidays.

6) We need more U11 girls as currently only have one. That is school year 5. If you know of anyone please let me know.

7) I am conscious that the summer term training of 6pm to 7.45 may be awkward or difficult for some. Please speak to me if that's so. The start time needs to be fixed but if some need to finish earlier than 7.45 that can be arranged - but you need to let me know.

8) If you are not planning on returning / renewing membership in the summer term please let me know so others can join.

9) I am planning on taking some photos for the Juniors website of training during tomorrow's session. Having checked the membership forms no one has not agreed to allowing this occasionally but let me know if you don't now. I will also ask the Juniors at the time and respect their wishes.

10) Results of the high jump Grand Prix are now uploaded to the junior's website.

11) I am also now eagerly awaiting the date of the Pearson Cup competition between Torbay, Newton Abbot and Dartmouth clubs. It will be hosted by Dartmouth this year, and should be on a Sunday in early-mid July, but that's not a definite.

Thanks for persevering through this long email.

Kind Regards


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