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Results - week ending 28th April 2019

Sunday was London Marathon day for two South Devon AC runners and everyone else spent the morning tracking them online! Anita Carpenter won the club place, really dedicated herself to training and finished in a fantastic 4:48:19. Colin Peters also ran and achieved a “Good for age” time with a superb 3:09:47.

Meanwhile other SDAC were running round in circles at the Cupcake Caper at Exeter which consisted of eight hours to complete as many loops as you could achieve. Some great distances for Steve Hookins, Marc Jones, Mark Stockman and Louise Lewry.

In the juniors Hannah Carr, Lauren Carr, Evie Rowe and Bess Hazell all competed in the Devon Open Series. They competed in individual events before all lining up for the 4x100m relay.

Results: Virgin London Marathon: 3304 Colin Peters 3:09:47, Anita Carpenter 27390 Anita Carpenter 4:48:19

Cupcake Caper: Mark Stockman 47 miles, Marc Jones 37 miles, Louise Lewry 33 miles, Steve Hookins 26 miles.

Devon Open: U13 girls – Long Jump: Evie Rowe 6th, Bess Hazell 8th, Hannah Carr 12th; High Jump: Hannah Carr 1.00m, Bess Hazell 1.15m, Evie Rowe 1.15m; 100m: Bess Hazell 15:94, Lauren Carr 16:39, Evie Rowe 16:74

Torbay parkrun: 5 Alex Magee 19:12, 13 Stuart Batten 20:10, 32 Jonathan Hiscoke 22:12, 67 Hugh Slater 24:34, 76 Neil Hayes 25:04, 93 Michelle Coles 26:05, 114 Sarah Gage 27:17, 116 Rodney Keen 27:34, 139 David Cubberley 29:30, 178 Alison Ford 32:41

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