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Results - week ending 11th August 2019

Two SDAC senior runners were in action this weekend - Dave Cubberley completed the Bridport Jurassic Coast 10k and Steve Hookins ran the Salisbury 54321 50km. Dave described the Jurassic 10k as very tough and hilly but with great scenery and great marshals, he finished 65th in 1:48:27. The 54321 50k is a multi-terrain race in the Salisbury Wessex area through lanes, trails and country estates, Steve finished 117th in 5:40:55.

Only a few runners braved the weather at our local parkrun and Kevin and Laura Ashworth enjoyed some parkrun tourism at Cheltenham parkrun. They were both pleased with their time and placed well in a much larger field of runners than our local parkrun.

In the Juniors Lauren Carr, Hannah Carr and Evie Rowe competed in the Braunton open athletics. Lauren had a PB in the 70m and was 2nd in the 800m, Hannah had PB’s in the long jump and Shot, Evie had a PB in the 800m and was 1st in the long jump.

Jurassic Coast 10k: 65 Dave Cubberley 1:48:27

Salisbury 54321: 117 Steve Hookins 5:40:55

Torbay parkrun: 19 Marc Walpot 20:43, 63 Hugh Slater 24:07, 67 Kate Maslin 24:18, 81 Neil Hayes 25:03, 178 Christine Walpot 29:51, 208 Alison Ford 32:00

Cheltenham parkrun: 33 Kevin Ashworth 21:05, 143 Laura Ashworth 24:16

Torbay Junior parkrun: 11 George Milton 09:29, 20 Oscar Mytton 10:16

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