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Juniors Results - w/e 22 January 2023

Saturday saw 2 South Devon athletes take part in the South Devon Schools Cross Country championship. Despite the cold and muddy course Isla Perry U13G came home in 4th place, qualifying for the next round at Bristol  and Lizzie Bumby,  U15G, ran a strong race in a competitive field (result pending)


SDAC took a team of 12 athletes to the 3rd Sportshall competition in the Plymouth Life Centre on Sunday 22nd Jan and turned out a great team performance,  finishing 5th out of 9 with our small squad.  The team showed lots of grit, determination and effort as well as smiles, laughs and enjoyment in take several podium places and valuable points across all events.

Special mentions from the day go to  Melisa Bonnett for securing three PBs. George Harries for taking part in his first competition and Isla Perry for running the 2 lap (1ST), 2 lap hurdles(1ST) and 4 lap (4TH) races despite taking part in the cross country yesterday!  


Summary of Junior Results

2 lap Hurdle: U15G - 5th Grace Mcgeechan, U13G - 1st Isla Perry & U13B - 3rd Oscar Mytton


1 lap Hurdle: U10B - 2nd Joshua Kimble & 9th George Harries


4 laps: U13B - 4th Rowan Alexander-Kemp, U13G 4th Isla Perry & U11B 2nd Harry Stanton


2 Laps: U10B - 6th Joshua Kimble, 9th George Harries, U11B - Harry Stanton, U13B - 4th Hayden Smyth & 6th Oscar Mytton, U13G - 1st Isla Perry, U15G - 6th Grace Mcgeechan


Soft Javelin: U10B - 4th Christopher Tarver


Standing Long Jump: U10B - 1st Joshua Kimble, 8th Christopher Tarver, U15G - 5th Gracie Scott & 6th Shayla Hellier, 8th Melissa Bonnett , U13B - 1st Rowan Alexander-Kemp


Speed bounce: U11B - 1st Harry Stanton, U13G - 2nd Daisy Hellier, U15G - 3rd Shayla Hellier &

4th Gracie Scott.


Standing Triple Jump: U13G - 3rd Daisy Hellier, U15G - 4th Shayla Hellier, 6th Gracie Scott & 8th Melissa Bonnett


High Jump: U13B - 1st Rowen Alexander-Kemp & 2nd Hayden Smyth


Vertical Jump: U10B - 5th Christopher Tarver & 6th George Harries, U13B - 4th Hayden Smyth, U13G - 3rd Daisy Hellier


Shot: U13B - 1sr Oscar Mytton, U15G - 3rd Grace Mcgeechan & 4th Melissa Bonnett