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Results - w/e 28th November 2021

On Sunday the storm had cleared leaving a cold crisp day for the penultimate race in the SDAC grand prix. The Bicton Blister is ten miles from Bicton College up and around Woodbury common with fantastic views. This year thanks to storm Arwen there were a few added obstacles with telegraph poles and tress down on the course. Although it was a fairly small SDAC squad there was great running all round. Colin Peters was first back and also first V55. In the Blister lite Vince Langdon was first male V50 and despite doing some bonus miles Dani Waters was third senior female.

At the Haldon night 5K the Carr family were in action – Lauren and Hannah winning first and second female and Steve finishing third male V50.

Bicton Blister: 33 Colin Peters 1:15:24, 67 Kevin Ashworth 1:23:12, 82 Jeremy Goddard 1:25:32, 201 Laura Ashworth 1:38:05, 206 George Holman 1:38:47, 305 Mark Holman 1:53:26

Blister Lite:17 Vince Langton 44:48, 18 Dani Waters 45:17

Haldon night 5k: 7 Lauren Carr 27:04, 11 Hannah Carr 28:44, 13 Steve Carr 29:58

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