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Results - w/e 4th December 2022

The Cockington Christmas Caper is a very hilly and muddy jaunt in and around the beautiful Cockington Country Park and is regarded as one of the favourites on the local race circuit. A good turnout from South Devon Athletic Club on a very cold December morning saw Stuart Batten (MV45) and Marc Walpot (MV55) both achieve a 3rd place finish in their respective age categories with some great times by others.

Cockington Christmas Caper 2022, Saturday 3rd December 2022. Stuart Batten, 14th in 1:02:20. Marc Walpot, 25th in 1:09:15, Jon Hiscoke, 31st in 1:12:39, Jeremy Goddard, 45th in 1:16:03, Shaun Kirk, 55th in 1:19:00, Colin Peters, 56th in 1:19:18, James Nash, 67th in 1:22:03, George Holman, 73rd in 1:25:09, Neil Jordain, 109th in 1:35:42, Michelle Coles, 115th in 1:39:19, Mark Holman, 120th in 1:44:02

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