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Results - w/e 4th September 2022

South Devon Athletic Club had three prize winners at the Lustleigh 10K, which is renowned as one of the most challenging multi-terrain courses in the local running calendar.


On a very hot August Bank Holiday Monday, Dani Waters grabbed 1st place in the FV35 age category, Kerry Bell took 3rd place in FV55, as did Colin Peters, coming in 3rd in the MV50. Great running, folks.


Stuart Batten (19th in 46m 36s), Colin Peters (25th in 48m 17s), Marc Walpot (44th in 52m 26s), Jonathan Hiscoke (49th in 53m 43s), Dani Waters (57th in 54m 55s), Jeremy Goddard (66th in 56m 27s), Antony Waters (82nd in 1h 0m 5s), Kerry Bell (97th 1h 3m 17s), James Nash (99th in 1h 3m 26s), Rachel Irish (101st 1h 3m 40s), Michelle Coles (135th in 1h 10m 37s), Roger Webb (145th in 1h 21m 07s), Dave Cubberley (150th in 1h 33m 18s).

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