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Scadson Screamer Thur 27th July

Updated: Aug 8

A cool clear Thursday evening saw the SDAC members competing in new Scadson Screamer Club race. After a competative 4.5k on a hilly challenging circuit through Scadson woods Marc Walpot came out on top passing Rob Foster on the final hill to finish in a time of 21:40.

Final Results were Marc Walpot 21:40, Rob Foster 22:11, Colin Peters 22.40,

Dani waters 22:55, Piers Calascione 23.33, Shaun Kirk

24:01, Antony waters 24:50,

james Nash 25.58, Neil Jordan 26:04, Rachel Irish 28:30, Brian Marjoram 29:22,

Paul Williams 29:43, Roger Webb 30:08, Sharon Pascoe 30:24, Tracy Elford 30:37,

Andrea wall 30.50, Marina Blay 31:05.

Rob 21

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