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Virtual London Marathon 2020

The 40th London Marathon was not the date or race everyone expected or hoped for meaning all runners had do do a virtual marathon.

Five SDAC runners planned their courses, support and aid stations and completed their races on Sunday morning. Thankfully the predicted rain held off (mostly!) and all finished at various time on Paigtnon green.

Congratulations to Claire Cornish, Andrea Wall, Colin Peters, Ben Reed and Matthew Dalton and Im sure they will all say a big thankyou to all the club members who came out to cheer and support them.

Colin Peters 3:24:41, Claire Cornish 4:11:20, Ben Reed 5:12, Andrea Wall 6:03:43, Matthew Dalton 6:49:28 (He did do his on the coast path and just after a 110 mile ultra so well done Matt!)

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