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sENIOR Club Grand Prix 2021

The Club Grand Prix is an in-house competition run every year from January 1st.  In 2020 only 3 events were completed, the results of which are carried forward to the 2021 Grand Prix.


The 2021 Grand Prix commencing in July will consist of 6 standard races varying in distance both road and off road, the races will as usual be one per month. In addition there will be 2 Wildcard races selected throughout the year.

To qualify you must be a current paid up member and you MUST wear club colours for the race. A minimum of 4 races need to be completed to qualify for any award.


Points are awarded after each race based on the finish position of each qualifying club member, The first member receives 50 points and each subsequent member will receive one less point. Men’s and women’s points are awarded separately. Best 4 results from each participant are used to calculate results.  In the event of a tie, the next highest results counts until a winner is found.

​There are a few adjustments for this year only due to Coronavirus, details as follows:

  • The 3 events completed last year qualify (Oh My Obelisk!, Ocean Brave and Dalwood 3 Hills).

  • Last year's entry to the Granite Way which is postponed to 5th Sept qualifies.

  • Participants will be placed in the age category which applies as of 1st January 2021


Grand Prix Races


Haytor Heller - 6-ish Miles

Saturday 17th July



Totnes 10km


Sunday 1st August

Chagford 2 Hills - 3.45 Miles


Sunday 29th August


Torbay Half Marathon - 13.1 Miles

Sunday 12th September


Tavy 7 - 7 Miles

Sunday 31st October


Templar 10 - 10 Miles - CANCELLED

Sunday 7th November

Bicton Blister 10.5 Miles


Sunday 28th November


Cockington Christmas Caper

Saturday 4th December



Previous Years Results

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