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sENIOR Club Grand Prix 2023

The Club Grand Prix is an in-house competition run every year from January 1st


The 2023 Grand Prix will consist of 12 standard races varying in distance both road and off road. In addition there will be 4 Wildcards selected throughout the year, plus you can earn 50 points by completing a marathon.

To qualify you must be a current paid up member and you MUST wear club colours for the race. A minimum of 6 races need to be completed to qualify for any award.


Points are awarded after each race based on the finish position of each qualifying club member, the first member receives 50 points and each subsequent member will receive one less point. Men’s and women’s points are awarded separately. Best 6 results from each participant are used to calculate results.  In the event of a tie, the next highest results counts until a winner is found.

For the marathon points you can enter any marathon race in 2023 and on full completion and submission of result you will earn yourself 50 points which will count towards your best 6 results.  Some simple rules:

  • Marathon result needs to be emailed to Tom with a link to the electronic results for verification

  • Virtual events do not qualify

  • Only one event completed counts (1 x 50 points max)

  • Ultra events qualify provided a single distance is minimum 26.2 miles

  • 6 other GP events need to be completed for the points to be included (if you enter 5 races and 1 marathon you do not qualify)

Grand Prix Races


                                                                                First Chance 10k

Sunday 8th January



Bideford Half Marathon

Sunday 5th March

Wild Card #1

Feighan Fury 10m

Sunday 26th March


Ivybridge 10k

Saturday 27th May


Crediton Crunch 10k

Sunday 14th May

Wild Card #2

Umborne Ug 10k

Saturday 24th June


Dawlish Coastal Dash

Thursday 8th June


Magnificent 7

Sunday 2nd July


Haytor Heller

(Offroad Champ)

Saturday 15th July


Totnes 10k

Sunday 6th August


Wild Card #3

Ivybridge 3 Tops

Wednesday 9th August


Taunton 10k

Sunday 24th September


Templer 10

Sunday 8th October

Wild Card #4

Herepath Half

Sunday 29th October


Drogo 10

Sunday 12th November


December TBC













Previous Years Results

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